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Canine Services

Your dog is more than just a companion, they deserve to feel their best.

Canine PEMF Therapy

When our dogs feel their best, they perform and behave the best. PEMF treatments can help your canine companion feel their best. Whether its preventative, to help osteoarthritis, disc related conditions, an acute injury, a fracture, or other soft tissue conditions that results in inflammation, pain, and reduced mobility; PEMF can be a great addition to your wellness program.

The Magnawave machine uses PEMF technology. PEMF stands for pulse electromagnetic field, which is used to stimulate muscles, tissue and bone at a cellular level, increase oxygenation in the blood and in turn; lowering inflammation in the body.

Some of the result you may see include:

- Reduced pain and inflammation
- Increased mobility
- Healing of acute soft tissues injuries
- Overall positive impact on quality of life

These results manifest and when they occur will vary widely from one dog to another, here are some reasons behind that concept:

- The dog’s age
- Overall health of your dog
- The condition you are treating (acute or chronic)
- The dog’s activity level
- Other therapies or pharmaceuticals you are using

A dog can get immediate pain relief from a single treatment, but the greatest effect of PEMF therapy is cumulative. It could take a week to a month for the mechanisms triggered by the therapy to manifest in noticeable, lasting results. So be patient. 

*Leading Edge is always willing to work with your veterinarian to determine what is best for your pet!*

Canine Magnawave
 1 Magnawave Session$65.00
Session Package5 Session Bundle

*20% Off*
Travel Fee50km or less no additional fee

50 km or more 
*Split for multiple animals in one location*
+ $10.00/session