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Leading Edge Performance Cancellation Policy

Leading Edge Performance reserves the right to charge customers a cancellation fee. Situations and cases will be assessed individually. If a customer fails to show up for a scheduled appointment, they are subject to a charge. 

Leading Edge Performance requires a 48 hour notice for a cancelled or re-scheduled appointment.
Please email *insert email* to cancel or re-schedule an appointment.

No Show Fee - If a customer does not show up for a reservation, they will be charged the entire cost of the appointment. If we are able to fill the spot last minute with another reservation, the customer will not be charged.

Cancellation Fee (Under 48hrs notice) $20 - If a customer has called or emailed and cancelled their reservation 48 hours or less prior to appointment, they will be charged $20.Cancellation (More than 48hr notice)

NO FEE - If a customer has requested a cancellation 48 hours or more prior to appointment, they will not be charged a fee.

*If a customer has requested to move the appointment date, no fee will be applied, as long as the change is made 48hrs in advance.

*If you are not sure if your situation warrants a cancellation fee, please reach out to us.