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Wellness for canine & equine & livestock & people


Get to know us better...

Marie Fraser

Meet Marie, owner and operator of Leading Edge Performance.

Marie has been involved with animals for as long as she can remember. An avid animal lover  with horses, a dog, a goat and cats in her brood. 

Marie is Magnawave certified to ensure her animals, and yours, stay in tip-top shape!

Kate Foisy

Meet Kate, certified Magnawave operator of Leading Edge Performance.

Kate is a passionate animal lover with her own small farm. She understands the importance of optimal health and mobility for both humans and animals. Her outgoing personality, expertise and warm demeanor make her someone you'll instantly feel comfortable with. Her personal experience has given her a unique perspective. She is thrilled to be dedicating her time to her clients both two and four legged to feeling their absolute best.  


Our Mission

We strive to help all the animals and athletes we are lucky enough to work with feel their best. We believe that PEMF therapy can be a wonderful tool to add to your care and wellness program both to help with ongoing conditions, or aid in their prevention. Working hand in hand with industry professionals to tailor your animals care regimen, and seeing them succeed in their field is what we love to do!